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Farmers’ Uptake of Oyster Mushroom Production Through ADOPT Model

Hem Prakash Verma, P. Mooventhan and P.K. Pandey


Prediction of agricultural technology adoption is much more pertinent for researchers, extension personnel, and policy makers for planning and development to ensure livelihood. In the present study, we used ADOPT model (developed by CSIRO) to analyze and predict how an oyster mushroom production will be adopted for their livelihood by the growers in the Raipur and Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh. Primary data were collected, during 2018-19, on 22 variables (to incorporate in ADOPT) from the multi stakeholders who were directly involved in FLD i.e. 15 researchers, 20 progressive growers, 15 business personnel and 10 self-help group of oyster mushroom production were selected, in this way the total 60 stakeholders were selected for the study with a total of 60 stakeholders. The prediction results indicated that the extent of adoption and diffusion in the districts, the time to near-peak adoption level has been estimated as 12 years, with the peak adoption reaching a maximum of 58 per cent. The possible reason for higher uptake in both the districts could be the higher level of awareness among the respondents due to conduction of FLDs. Further in 5 years from the start of an adoption programme, 27 per cent of the grower’s population will adopt the oyster mushroom production, rising up to 55 per cent in over period in 10 years. The time to 50 per cent of the peak adoption is attained at 5.2 years. The possible reasons are linked to several variables in understanding the oyster mushroom, which is indirectly attributed to the farmers’ socio-economic condition, psychology, etc., apart from external and internal factors.

Keyword: ADOPT, Adoption, Diffusion and Oyster mushroom production.

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