Farmers Producers Company and Broad-basedExtension Services: A Case of Ayakudi Guava Producers inDindigul District of Tamil Nadu

R. Venkattakumar, Sudha Mysore, Nita Khandekar,B Narayanaswamy and B. Balakrishna


A study was conducted to analyze the role of Ayakudi Guava Producers Company Limited in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu with respect to extending broad-based extension services to the producer members. Information pertaining to the general profile of the company, organizational pattern, critical success factors and challenges faced by the company was collected from office bearers of the company, whereas that of profile of the farmers, their perceived effectiveness of the company against social, economic and overall performance indicators was collected from producer members (32) of the company, through case study approach with ex-post facto research design. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and pragmatic conclusions and recommendations for strengthening the services of the company were suggested. This paper discusses the result of the study for further replication of such model in related commodities and under similar socio-economic situations.

Keyword: Farmers Producer Company;, Broad-based extension services; Perceived effectiveness;

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