Farmer's Perceptions on Hybrid Rice Technology : A Case Study of Jharkhand

Nirmala, B., Vasudev, N. and Suhasini. K


Hybrid rice is one of the most feasible options for increasing rice production to sustain food security. There is a rapid expansion of area under hybrid rice in Jharkhand in the recent years, hence the present study was conducted with an objective to analyse the perceptions and constraints in cultivation of hybrid rice in Ranchi district of Jharkhand. The relative importance of the perception of the farmers regarding their willingness or otherwise, to continue hybrid rice cultivation in the next season were prioritized by using Garrett’s ranking technique. The main reason to continue cultivation of hybrid rice in Ranchi district of Jharkhand was hope of getting better yield which ranked first with a Garrett score of 71.49 followed by higher pricing ability, better taste, higher profitability, suitable for parboiling, better resistance to pests and diseases with a Garrett score of 66.56, 62.36, 53.87, 48 and 47.21. The main constraints in adoption of hybrid rice technology were high management, higher seed costs, lower pricing ability, high pests/disease incidence, poor cooking quality and lower profitability with a Garrett score of 71.09, 66.45, 65.82, 62.18, 57.73 and 52.55

Keyword: Hybrid rice; Sustain food security; Higher pricing ability; Better taste; Higher profitability;

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