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Farmers’ Perception Towards Agromet Advisory Services in Kerala

Manjusree R.V., Sanjit Maiti, Sanchita Garai, Manjunath K.V., S.K. Jha and K.S. Kadian


Agromet advisory services is a vital tool which provides the valuable crop specific and livestock specific as well as location specific advices about all farm operations starting from land preparation to harvest and livestock management based on weather forecasting. Present study assessed the farmers’ perception towards agromet advisory services using the overall perception scores and perception index calculated from randomly selected sample of 120 farmers of Thiruvanantapuram district of Kerala. The study revealed that nearly half of the farmers in the study area had an unfavorable perception towards the agromet advisory services and perceived that agromet advices were not relevant for the management of farm operations. The study also arrived at a conclusion that farmers with more mass media exposure, social participation and extension contact had a favorable perception towards the services. Hence, organization of awareness camps through mass media and interpersonal contact may change farmers’ perception towards agromet advisory services which may further improve the adaptive capacity of the farming community of the climate-led disaster-prone region of the country.

Keyword: Agromet Advisory Services (AAS), Agromet Advisory Services in Kerala.

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