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Farmers' Perception on Climate Variability and Their Coping Strategies - An Assessment in Assam, India

Sundar Barman and Peter Lotha


The study was carried out in two districts of Assam viz- Karbi Anglong and Jorhat to assess farmers’ perception regarding climate variability and coping strategies adopted to mitigate its’ effect. A total of 120 farmers were selected randomly by taking 60 farmers of each district. The study reveals that majority of farmers of both districts perceived that rainy days, its quantities were decreased with uneven distribution but dry spell period was increased at present as compare to past 30 years. Further majority perceived as increase of warm days but decrease in cold days in two districts. Most of the farmers (72.50%) of the two districts had experienced frequently increase of temperature during summer but reversely perceived in case of low temperature during winter. Scorching sunshine was experienced frequently by majority farmers (60.8%) in study area.

Keyword: Farmers’ perception; Climate variability

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