J.S. Manhas, V.P .Sharma and B. S. Bhimawat


The per capita consumption and availability of energy is one of the major yardsticks of any country’s development. In view of shrinking oil and coal reserves and rising costs of these commodities, alternatives have to be developed up to a level where their exploitation is feasible technologically and economically. One of these alternatives is bio-gas. The present study was conducted to find out the opinion of farmers towards bio-gas technology in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. It was found that majority of farmers had favourable opinion towards bio-gas technology. It was also found that both the categories of respondents strongly disagreed with the negative statements namely “planning and implementation of bio-gas technology in villages is faulty” and “bio-gas technology is mere wastage of time, energy and money”. Whereas, the positive statements namely “bio-gas is desirable and non-traditional source of energy” and “the gas produced in gobar gas plant is of superior quality", were strongly favoured by bio-gas owners of tribal and non-tribal areas.

Keyword: Opinion; Bio-gas technolog; Energy

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