Farmers’ Level of Satisfaction on Agricultural Technology Information Centre of AAU, Jorhat, Assam

Chiranjeeta Dutta, Debajit Borah and Pallabi Das


The present study was conducted in Jorhat district of Assam to find out farmers’ satisfaction level on Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) of Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Jorhat, Assam. 8 villages which are located within a radius of 50 km from ATIC were selected on a random basis for the present study. 120 farmers from eight villages were selected purposively by using the snowball sampling technique with the help of records available in ATIC register of AAU, Jorhat. The collected data were systematically arranged, classified, tabulated and analysed with the help of different statistical techniques and tests viz. frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation, weighted mean score, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, a test of significance of correlation coefficient and chi-square test. The findings from the study revealed that 12.50 per cent respondents had low, 71.67 per cent respondents had medium and 15.83 per cent respondents had high overall satisfaction level on ATIC. The study indicated that annual family income had a positive and significant relationship whereas social participation had a significant association with a satisfaction level of the respondents. Keywords:

Keyword: Farmers’ satisfaction; Agricultural Technology Information Centre; Snowball sampling technique; Assam.

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