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Farmers’ Awareness Towards Water Conservation Management Practices in Haryana

Shubham, Rati Mukteshawar, V.P.S. Yadav, A.K. Rohila and P.K. Chahal


The present study has been conducted in five districts of Haryana in India; viz. Ambala, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, and Yamunanagar with the objective of knowing the awareness level of farmers towards management practices of water conservation. The outcomes have been visualized after conducting a field survey during 2020-21 of 150 respondents, who were interviewed with a well-structured interview schedule. The study concluded that most of the respondents had a high level of awareness about ‘laser levelling of fields helps in saving the irrigation water’ (2.69), ‘Zero tillage in paddy-wheat cropping rotation’ (2.52), ‘Well maintained water supply system’ (2.45) and ‘DSR (direct seeded rice) technology’ (2.44). While, the respondents were less aware of ‘Smart mobile applications for scheduling irrigation’ (1.24), and ‘Agro advisory based applications’ (1.25) and did not attend any training or workshop regarding water conservation. Among the various variables like education, land holding, mass media exposure, and extension contact with the awareness had positive and significant correlations. The correlation of farmers’ variables with the awareness toward management practices for water conservation in the study jointly contributed 22.90 per cent variation when other factors were kept constant meaning thereby only 22.90 per cent of the variation in the dependent variable was due to these variables and the remaining 77.10 per cent variations is due to other variables.

Keyword: Correlates of farmers’ variables; Awareness; Management practices; Water conservation.

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