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Farmers' Attitude and Adoption of Improved Maize Varieties and Chemical Fertilizers in Mozambique

Eunice Cavane


In Mozambique, maize crop (Zea mays L.) is important for provision of food and income to the rural poor, yet adoption of improved seed and chemical fertilizers to boost production is still limited. This study determined the influence of farmers’ characteristics, attitudes, source of information, and agro-ecological conditions on adoption of hybrid maize SC513, application of NPK and urea fertilizers in Manica district. A questionnaire was administrated to a randomly selected sample of 293 households. The findings showed that farmers do support the use of improved maize varieties and chemical fertilizers. The three most important factors associated with adoption of improved maize were agro ecological conditions, attitudes toward production, traits of improved maize and knowledge of improved varieties. Information on fertilizer use, knowledge of fertilizer application, and agro-ecological conditions had significant influence on adoption of chemical fertilizers. To contribute to a widespread adoption, researchers should develop fertilizer recommendations which are attuned to agro-ecological region, and maize varieties that have wide adaptation. Extension should strengthen positive attitudes toward improved maize and farmers’ knowledge of fertilizer application. Input suppliers should tailor their marketing campaigns emphasizing knowledge, attitudes and agro-ecological conditions

Keyword: Adoption; Attitudes; Chemicals

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