Farmer Producer Organizations and Its’ Success: A Critical Analysis in West Bengal

Sudip Kumar Gorai and Monika Wason


Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) have shown to be a beacon of hope for the millions of farmers across India. The state of West Bengal was selected purposively for the study. Five high performing and five low performing FPOs, which were functioning for more than fi ve years from the four districts namely Birbhum, Murshidabad, Purba Bardhaman and Nadia were considered for this study. Data were collected from a random sample of 120 farmer members through personnel interview method. For measuring the performance of FPOs, success index was developed taking economic efficiency and social achievements as indicators. t-value suggests that means score of the members of high and low performing FPOs varied significantly on economic and social indicators. Conflict was found to be the reliable predictors for the variance in success index in high performing FPOs. Attitude towards group, social interaction with people and assimilation were found to be significant contributor in obtaining less success index score in low performing FPOs.

Keyword: Farmer producer organizations (FPOs); Success; West Bengal.

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