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Farmer Producer Organization for Turmeric Growers in Tribal Region of Odisha: Success Factors and Constraints

Ankit Mahapatra, Vinayak Nikam, Mrinmoy Ray, Sudipta Paul and Girijesh Singh Mahra


The study of success factors and constraints of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) helps in improving the functioning of FPOs by providing valuable policy insights. Therefore, a study was conducted with 120 members of an FPO in Kandhamal district of Odisha in 2021 to delineate the success factors and constraints. Data were analysed using TOPSIS method and Friedman test. Results revealed that the most important factors contributing to success were the better price for produce compared to local traders, good infrastructure for value addition and marketing, and assistance in availing the benefits of various government schemes. Major constraints were delayed payment compared to local traders, inadequate and irregular supply of inputs, and lack of effective communication between office-bearers and farmers. The study recommends that for success, producers' organizations should focus more on better price realization, creating marketing infrastructure, and timely payment and services to the members.

Keyword: Constraint analysis; Farmer producer organisations; Kandha tribe; TOPSIS.

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