Farm Women Preferences of Communication Sources for Farm Information

Urmila Devi and Shashi Verma


Utilization of improved agricultural technology by the women farmers, to a large extent, depends upon the effective sources of information and channels to which they are generally exposed directly or indirectly. The problems in agricultural development in India, is not the availability of improved agricultural technologies, but converting them into production accomplishments. Among the various communication sources that play an important role in providing information support to the women farmers, interpersonal sources and channels are more important for every cultivation operations. Keeping this in view, the present investigation was carried out with following objectives viz. to study the sources of information used by the farm women about recommended package of practices ( by Agricultural Scientists of Haryana state during Agricultural Officers workshop for every season ) of wheat crop and to study usefulness of the information sources by the farm women about recommended package of practices. The present study was conducted in Haryana State. The study was undertaken in Kaithal and Jind districts of Haryana State. The pre tested structured interview schedule was used to collect data personally by the investigator. The study revealed that the respondents more frequently used neighbours, family members and friends as localite source of information for wheat cultivation. Most of the respondents used cosmopolite and mass media sources of information least frequently and only radio, television and cassette recorder were frequently used by the farm women for wheat cultivation. Whereas Neighbours, family members and friends were found very useful localite source. None of the cosmopolite sources were perceived as very useful and useful whereas radio, television and cassette recorder were found useful mass media sources of information for wheat cultivation

Keyword: Communication sources; Farm Information

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