Factors Leading to Change in Farmers' Attitude towards Artificial Insemination

S.K. Singh, P.N. Kaul and Rashmi Singh


The present study was carried out in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh to study the effect of selected factors on the change in attitudes of farmers towards artificial insemination. All the farmers own cattle or buffaloes and a message on artificial insemination was communicated to them by using suitable audio-visual aids. The attitudes were measured before and four weeks after their exposure to the message. The results show that the attitude change was in favourable direction for the livestock owners who did not use artificial insemination technology in their animals, who dwell beyond 5 km radius from the artificial insemination centre, who have never used artificial insemination technology in their animals and among livestock owners of Farah, Mathura and Goverdhan blocks

Keyword: Attitude; Artificial inse

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