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Factors Influencing Source of Coping Strategies in Health in Marine Fishers During COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study of Kerala, India

Shyam S. Salim, Akhila K., Athira N.R, Anuja A.R. and R. Narayanakumar


The southwestern state of Kerala has long been considered a model on account of its achievement in health and education at relatively lower levels of income. During the pandemic, the state achieved global attention in the handling of the pandemic and while there was universal acceptance of the role of the government in providing and maintaining health, the idea of health itself was widened to include aspects of well-being and the role of the community including neighborhood groups were prominent in the state. Thus, one could say that health and healthcare provision underwent a vital shift. As public health broadened to include aspects of well-being, there was a greater need to bring in communities and their perspectives as providers and facilitators of health, rather than as recipients of health services alone. In this aspect of constructing a novel approach to health provision, we believe our study based on the impact of COVID-19 on the marine fisheries sector proves to be particularly illuminating. We explore the various coping strategies in health (Institutional, economic and social) as well as sources that provide institutional, social and economic health strategies- whether it is the government, community, or self/family. Further, we try to find if socio-demographic factors influence the choices of the individual. Our findings point out that while universal policies in provision especially during events like the pandemic are crucial; there is a need to focus on individual factors affecting the choices. This could potentially assist in more equitable and efficient accessing and utilising the resources.

Keyword: Health strategies; Covid pandemic; Kerala; Marine fisheries.

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