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Factors Influencing Adoption of Scientific Dairy Farming Technologies by Dairy Women Entrepreneurs

Deepanka, Amit Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Yajuvendra Singh and Rashmi


reality, despite the visible benefits of many new technologies for feeding and management aspect farmers either do not adopt them or it takes a long time to begin the adoption process. Adoption of scientific dairy farming practicesby the respondents in dairy enterprise was studied under four heads feeding, breeding, management, and health care. The results revealed that the highest adoption of scientific practices was observed in feeding (76.42%) followed by management (64.25%) and health care practices (53.27%), whereas, the least adoption was observed for breeding practices. The results related to feeding practices revealed that the highest adoption was observed for feeding of concentrate mixture to dairy animals (88.33%) followed by colostrum feeding to the new born calves (87.50%). Comparatively, adoption of feeding of mineral mixture to dairy animals was observed to be poor (61.67%). Moreover, the results for adoption of breeding practices revealed limited adoption by respondents in the study area. It was seen that highest adoption was observed for pregnancy diagnosis (50.83%) and appropriate period of AI after calving. Most importantly, dairy production is becoming more favourable industry and this provides the opportunity to develop their own milk industries, primarily through small scale production, which will have a major impact on different levels of cash income.

Keyword: Adoption; Dairy animals; Dairy farming practices; Women entrepreneurs

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