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Factors in Economics of Milk Production on Commercial Dairy Farms in Aravalli District of North Gujarat

Nischay Patel and Bharatkumar Ashwar


The present research study was under taken in Aravalli district of North Gujarat. Ex-post facto research design was used for the study. The four talukas namely Modasa, Malpur, Bayad, Dhansura were selected purposively. The research study was under taken with broad objective to assess the economics of milk production on commercial dairy farms and find out its relationship with selected personal and socio-economic attributes of commercial dairy farm owners. Economic analysis revealed that the expenditure on total feed and fodder was the highest among all components of gross cost. The Net cost of milk production per liter was found as Rs. 21.78 and net income per liter was found as Rs. 4.96. The correlation coefficient analysis revealed that the adoption and economic motivation were the positive and highly significant variables, while training received, knowledge and extension participation exerted positive and significant effect on economics of milk production.

Keyword: Commercial dairy farm; Economic analysis; Cost of milk production; Aravalli district;

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