Factors for Selection of Entrepreneurial Carrier by Youth Trainees of Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Pankaj K. Sinha, B.K. Singh, P. Singh, R.R. Burman and Satyapriya


activities and lack of physical and social infrastructure in rural areas. The present study was conducted to find out the factors for selection of entrepreneurial career and socio- demographic pattern of youth participating in Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme (EDP) conducted by Rural Development Self-employment Training Institute (RUDSETI). For this purpose 120 respondent trainees were randomly selected and interviewed using a pre-tested interview schedule. Only 42 per cent of farm trainees were aged less than 29 years compared to 62 per cent in case of non-farm trainees. About 53 per cent of farm trainees and only 30 per cent of non-farm trainees has secondary or below education level. Female youth participation in non-farm sectors was more than farm sector enterprises. The study found that youth were selecting entrepreneurial career due to their last resort of income and preferring to venture into the non-farm enterprises compared to farm enterprises.

Keyword: Entrepreneurial carrier; RUDSETI; Youth; EDP trainees; Non-farm

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