Factors Associated with the Sustainability of Farmers’ Producer Organization (FPOs)

Ankur Adhikari, K. Pradhan, and S. Kiran Reddy


The Farmer Producer Organizations are playing a major role in developing the standards of livings of the farmers. The present study was conducted in Cooch Behar district of West Bengal. The multistage, purposive, and random sampling techniques were followed in case of selecting the area and the respondents of the present study. A total of 100 FPO members were taken for the study. A total no. of 10 factors were identified for the study. It is found from the study that the most important statements which were selected by majority of the respondents from all ten categories of factors were regular audit of the FPO, timely payment to farmers from the market, preparation of plan of group activities, mutual understanding in selection of group activities, coordination in group meetings, listen patiently to what others say, participation in meeting to identify problems, sharing of knowledge, participation in social activity, ethical and transparent dealings and transactions.

Keyword: Farmers’ Producer Organizations; Sustainability; Economic development; Entrepreneurship.

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