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Factors Affecting Marketing Among Small and Marginal Vegetable Farmers of South Gujarat

Swati Sharma, Gautam Parmar, Ruchira Shukla and Alpesh Leua


Vegetables in India, being pivotal, face substantial challenges, including post-harvest losses and limited market opportunities, resulting in unfavourable price realization for small and marginal farmers. Effective marketing is important in enhancing returns for these farmers. The study’s primary objective was to identify and analyze the factors affecting vegetable marketing among small and marginal farmers in South Gujarat. A purposive sample of 150 farmers across three districts in South Gujarat was surveyed using well-structured questionnaires, and the data were subjected to descriptive and regression analysis. The findings highlighted critical impediments to marketing effects, encompassing issues such as limited access to credit, grading, transportation, and storage facilities. Socio-economic variables including gender, age, family members’ earnings, land holding size, access to storage, vegetable grading practices, market information availability, and proximity to markets significantly influenced monthly net farm income. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the adoption of a collective marketing approach to assist farmers in overcoming these challenges and securing better prices for their produce. Moreover, it suggests providing effective quality extension services to equip farmers with essential skills in vegetable production and marketing. Emphasizing infrastructure development, including storage facilities, transportation networks, and communication systems is essential. By implementing these recommendations, policymakers, agricultural practitioners, and stockholders can effectively address the prevailing challenges in the vegetable sector, leading to improved economic prospects for small and marginal farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural development in the region.

Keyword: Small and marginal vegetable farmers; Marketing.

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