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Extent of Utilization of ICT Tools Among the Agricultural Line Department Officials of Odisha

Bhavana Sajeev


Information and communication technology (ICT) can be thought of as a collection of technologies that include a variety of tools for storing, disseminating, or both. Since technology is currently undergoing its full transformation, ICT tools will be crucial in agriculture and related sectors. The goal of this study was to determine how extensively Odisha's agriculture line department employees used ICT technologies in 2021. Khordha District in Odisha State was selected for the study on purpose. Following a simple random sampling method, 105 agricultural authorities were chosen as respondents for the current study. Descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation, weighted mean scores, and Pearson's coefficient of correlation were used for analysing the collected data. The findings showed that the dependent variable extent of utilization of ICT tools was negatively correlated with the independent variables age, service experience, and cadre. In contrast, the dependent variable extent of utilization of ICT tools was positively correlated with the independent variables’ availability, accessibility, control over and skill in using the tools. To rank the barriers to using ICT tools, the Garrett ranking approach was utilized. The findings showed that among agricultural authorities, poor training on ICT tools (74.9%) was the primary obstacle to their use, followed by a lack of handling skills for ICT equipment (73.0%) and a lack of awareness (70.8%). Constraints in the handling of ICT tools can be alleviated by guaranteeing uninterrupted electricity in the workplaces, maintaining ICT equipment properly, and offering training and information on ICT tools.

Keyword: Information and Communication Technology; ICT tools; Extent of utilization; Agricultural line department officials.

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