Extent of Role Performance of Tribal and Non- Tribal Women Sarpanchs towards Rural Development

Kumari Jyoti, Akanksha Pandey and M.L. Sharma


The study was conducted in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, India. As in this district 645 Gram Panchayat was there out of which 336 panchayats had women sarpanch (leaders). From those 336 panchayats, one-third i.e. 112 (56 tribal and 56 non- tribal) women sarpanch (respondents) were taken for study. The data revealed that, majority of the non- tribal respondents (52.30%) performed as a harmonizer whereas tribal majority (35.50%) performed as an administrator. Overall role performances of tribal respondents were found only 21.51 per cent whereas in case of non- tribal respondents, it was 43.57 per cent. Further, by analysing all total respondents, the role performance was found up to 32.47 per cent. In z-analysis it was found that the role performance of non- tribal respondents was positive and significantly better than tribal respondents.

Keyword: Tribal; Non- tribal; Panchayat; Role performance

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