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Extent of Adoption Regarding Onion Production Technology in Rajasthan – A Comparative Study

Rekha Badhala, K.C. Sharma and Surbhi Jangir


The present study was conducted in Sikar district of Rajasthan to assess the extent of adoption of beneficiary and non-beneficiary farmers of Front-Line Demonstrations of Onion production technology. Four panchayat samities were selected from Siakr district for the study purpose. Fifty beneficiary farmers’ fields where FLDs were conducted in the years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 and 50 non-beneficiary farmers where FLDs not conducted were selected making a total sample size of 100 respondents for the study. The data from these farmers was collected using a well-structured and pre-tested interview schedule during the year 2022-23. The findings showed that the majority of beneficiary farmers (60%) and non-beneficiary farmers (52%) had medium adoption of Onion Production Technology. Also, the number of farmers in the high adoption category was more in the case of beneficiary farmers as compared to non-beneficiary farmers. Further, it was also found that both types of respondents’ beneficiary and non-beneficiary possessed maximum adoption of “Seed rate & Spacing” (81.33 MPS) and non-beneficiary possessed maximum adoption of “Time of sowing” (74.00 MPS) of Onion crop. Similarly, the least adoption of the beneficiary and non-beneficiary farmers was possessed of “Plant protection measures” (59.50 MPS and 47.00 MPS) of Onion crops respectively. There is a need to raise the adoption and awareness among non-beneficiary farmers by increasing the number of FLDs organized and involving more farmers in it. It could be concluded that more farmers should be involved in front-line demonstrations which will lead to better adoption of onion production technology.

Keyword: Adoption; Front line demonstration; Production technology,

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