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Exploring the Determinants of Milk Production among Smallholder Dairy Farming: A Case of Pirojpur District, Bangladesh

Sadia Afroz Mitu, Tanushree Mondal, Muhammad Humayun Kabir and Nur-E-Shahrin Nurani


Dairy farming is a good income source of the smallholder dairy farmers in Bangladesh to maintain their livelihood. In this aspect, the objective of the study was to assess the determinants or factors influencing milk production in the smallholder dairy farms in Pirojpur district of Bangladesh. A sample of 93 smallholder dairy farmers was randomly selected for data collection. A pre-tested structured interview schedule was employed to conduct the survey among the respondents. The data were interpreted by using percentage, mean, frequency, standard deviation and regression analysis. Majority of the farmers (84.9%) had low to moderate milk production in their farm. The milk production was influenced by training in cattle rearing, smaller cattle herd size, farmers’ higher knowledge on milk production, and a greater number of milking cows. The Department of Livestock Service (DLS) and other related NGOs may arrange more training programs for the smallholder dairy farmers focused on milk production. Initiative like providing credit facilities either interest-free or lower rate of interest may help the farmers to be owner of more milking cow as well as increase farm income of the smallholder dairy farmers.

Keyword: Smallholder farmers; Milk production; Livestock; Influencing factors.

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