Expectations of Tourists from Dairy Tourism: A Case from Trans-Gangetic Plains of India

Mahesh B. Tengli, B.S. Meena and Pampi Pau


The present study attempted to identify and provide a new non-farming income enhancing activity for dairy farmerentrepreneurs. The main objective of this paper is to find the tourist expectation to identify characteristics components of an unexplored aspects of dairy tourism. More than 60.00 per cent of the respondent-tourists deemed all the identified expectations as important and very important. The findings imply that respondent-tourists expected all the identified assets, activities, and attractions to be an essential component of dairy tourism. The findings of the study are having theoretical and managerial implications. This paper contributed to the theory of tourist expectation and managerially is enable and guide the trainers, farmers, and entrepreneurs to implement the dairy tourism as a niche tourism activity.

Keyword: Dairy tourism,; Expectations; Income enhancement; Niche tourism;

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