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Evolving Entrepreneurial Trajectory in Odisha through Farmer Producer Organisations : A New Farm Economy

Saumyesh Acharya, S.K. Acharya and T.K. Mandal3


Indian farming is passing through a new normal phase of the entrepreneurial revolution and Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) have been in this direction a dynamic pivotal for around a decade only. Rural poverty in Odisha has been a concern for the last few decades and this has been a barrier to achieving inclusive growth across the terrains of the farm economy. Albeit a boost up has been there for the rural economy across Odisha, it is still far from achieving its target as realized by the Government. Making FPO a main stage for revolutionizing the farm economy, it needs to undergo a process of market orientation, technological editing, and generating smart responses for climate change at the micro-level. With this background, the consequent variable, entrepreneurial communication behaviour and a set of 24 independent variables were selected for the study. A purposive sampling method was followed to select the state, district, block, and FPOs. To conduct the study, one hundred (100) respondents were chosen from two FPOs, fifty (50) from each FPO in the Ranpur block of Nayagarh district of Odisha, using the snowball sampling method. A structured interview schedule and a pilot survey were used to gather the data. Coefficient of correlation, multiple regression analysis, stepwise regression analysis, and path analysis were the statistical techniques used for data analysis. The correlation coefficients found that the number of fragments of land were showcasing a higher correlation with entrepreneurial communication behaviour. Seven out of twenty-four independent variables were retained in the last step of the step-down regression analysis.

Keyword: Entrepreneurial communication; Farmer producer organization (FPO); Institutional innovation; Marketed surplus.

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