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Evaluation of Training Programme on Scaling up of Water Productivity in Agriculture

B.S. Meena


The study was an attempt to evaluate the impact of 14 days trainer’s training programme on judicious use of irrigation water in agriculture and horticultural crops under the project Scaling up of water productivity in agriculture for livelihood through teaching cum demonstration. The study revealed that majority of the trainees was above 40 years of age having 10 to 20 years of service experience. After undergoing this training, there was a knowledge gain of 44.23 per cent. The trainees perceived topics related to crop and water management as highly relevant (80 %). Overall, 63.30 per cent of the topics were perceived as highly relevant by the trainees followed by 27.1 per cent topics which were perceived as quite relevant and useful. Further under the study opinion of the trainees on various aspects of training were recorded. The study found that all the trainees (100 %) were agreed that there knowledge has increased .The level of increased was varied. They opined that during the training the learning environment was excellent and reported that their confidence level has increased (78%) and satisfied with the duration of the training. More than half (58%) of the trainees agreed that they have developed new skills by attending the training. Overall, 82.8 per cent of the trainees were agreed on various aspects of training programme followed by 11.1 per cent were neutral and 6.1 per cent were disagreed with the the training programme.

Keyword: Training; Water management; Knowledge; Aspects of training;

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