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Evaluation of Productive and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Animals in District Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh

Divyanshu Singh Tomar, S.S. Lathwal, Pawan Singh and Indu Devi


India's top milk-producing state for the past two decades has been Uttar Pradesh. However, there is a dearth of information on the reproductive and production performance of dairy bovines. Therefore, an attempt was made to assess dairy animals’ productive and reproductive parameters in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh during the year 2021. F or this objective, Interviews were conducted using a pre-tested interview schedule with 200 dairy farmers from four diff erent villages near ICAR-NDRI centre in Lalukheri village. The various parameter assessed were Average daily milk yield (DMY), Lactation milk yield (LMY), Peak yield (PY), Lactation Length (LL), Dry period (DP), Age at fi rst calving (AFC), Calving interval (CI), Service period (SP) and Service per conception (SPC). The means (± standard error) for DMY, LMY, PY, LL, DP, AFC, CI, SP and SPC were 6.01±1.07 L, 1694.82±111 L, 8.78±1.13 L, 282±18 days, 198±14 days, 1310±173 days, 490±33 days, 164±11 days and 2.79±0.12 respectively in Murrah buffaloes. The means for DMY, LMY, PY, LL, DP, AFC, CI, SP and SPC were 7.76±1.84 L, 2056±134 L, 10.90±2.10 L, 265±26 days, 185±21 days, 1103±157 days, 450±55 days, 133±18 days and 2.48±0.11 respectively in Jersey crossbred cows. The means for DMY, LMY, PY, LL, DP, AFC, CI, SP and SPC were 7.94±1.56 L, 2159.68±122 L, 11.21±2.22 L, 272±22 days, 201±24 days, 1016±189 days, 473±68 days, 147±19 days and 2.50±0.11 respectively in HF crossbred cows. Hence, the study was warranted to educate farmers about many aspects of livestock management and the issues related to them, as well as in gathering fi rst-hand information regarding the productive and reproductive parameters to be used for improving the study area's livestock support services.

Keyword: Milk yield; Dry period; Calving interval; Service period; Service per conception.

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