Evaluation of Performance of Improved Dual Purpose ColouredBirds under Backyard System of Rearing atMorena district of Madhya Pradesh

P.P. Singh, S.V.S.Chauhan and Y.P.Singh


Backyard poultry farming is a social phenomenon rather than an economic proposition. It is popular among the communities who have no inhibition against keeping birds, eating eggs produced and the meat. Keeping the importance of backyard poultry system in rural areas the present study was undertaken as On Farm Trial (OFT) to know the Performance of Improved dual purpose Coloured Birds reared in backyard system of farming in Morena district of M.P. Day old fifteen female with five male chicks of Improved dual purpose Coloured birds breed (Total Two hundred chicks) were randomly distributed to 10 farmers. From the experiment it was concluded that body weight gain was significantly higher in Improved dual purpose coloured birds as compare to local non descriptive birds, similarly egg production was also significantly higher in the Improved dual purpose coloured birds but age at 1st laying and mortality data were non-significant among dual purpose coloured bird and local non descript birds.

Keyword: Dual purpose coloured birds; Non descript birds; Performance;

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