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Evaluation of Competence Enhancement Programme on Motivation and Positive Thinking for Technical Officers of ICAR

Laxman M Ahire, K.H. Rao and Alok Kumar


This study focused on perception of working professionals of different research institutes of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) representing the different level of Technical Categories on Competence Enhancement Programme. The aim of this program was to initiate the change in the participants ‘ attitude. The study was conducted at ICAR-NAARM and all participants who attended Competence Enhancement Programme were selected as respondents for this study. An Online questionnaire & personal interview was conducted after completion of the course. The several parameters such as overall assessment on major training dimensions, learning dimensions, session wise impact, support services and suggestions for further improvement of the programme were studied in this study. The participants were asked to rate the different training dimensions and aspects of the program on 5- point continuum by assigning the scores as 1 to 5, based on their importance. The data was tabulated and converted into averages as impact factors and wherever possible simple statistical tools such as frequency and percentages were also used for data interpretation to get the meaningful information. It was observed that majority i.e. 94.12 per cent of the participants were males, 47.06 per cent of the respondents belonged old age group, 67.65 per cent of them were post graduates in their educational qualification, 64.71 per cent of the respondents possessed the medium level of proficiency in computer skills, 47.06 per cent of the respondents were Senior Technical Officers by designation, 61.76 per cent of them had 21-30 years of the professional experience.

Keyword: Perception; Working professionals; Participants ‘attitude; Competence Enhancement Programme

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