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Evaluation and Analysis of Gaps in Adoption of Improved Pulse Production Technology in Punjab

Satpal Singh, Rajni and S.S. Walia


The present study was undertaken in Amritsar and Tarntaran districts of Punjab to analyze the status of summer moong production technology, constraints in its cultivation and the possibilities of increasing production. A fundamental problem to overcome the insignificantly increasing pulse production is to change the prevailing perceptions of their status as subsistence crop and to consider as commercial crop. This will require aggressive onfarm demonstration of the viable technical options to alleviate the gaps in production technology of pulse crops. It emphasizes the dissemination of improved varieties and low-cost, environment friendly crop husbandry techniques. Keeping this in view, front line demonstrations (FLDs) on summer moong involving existing technology v/s recommended technology were conducted to evaluate the adoption gaps by the Department of Agronomy, PAU, Ludhiana, during 2009-10 and 2010-11 and have proved immensely useful in increasing the production and productivity of pulse crops. The recommended technology produced 11.0 and 12.3 per cent more seed yield and 12.3 and 15.6 per cent higher net returns of summer moong than the crop raised by existing technology in first and second year, respectively

Keyword: Frontline demonstrations; Summer moong; Production technology; Seed yield; Net returns;

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