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Ergonomic Evaluation of Farm Women during Maize Shelling

Alka Singh, U. S. Gautam, Surendra Pannase and Anju Singh


Women in India play a predominant role in agriculture and food provisioning and subsistence agricultural activities. The role of women in agriculture ranges from managers to landless labourers. However, the extent of their involvement differs with the variation in agro-production system and land owning system of farm households but they provide crucial labour in farm operations. She does the most tedious and back-breaking tasks in agriculture, animal husbandry and homes. Various studies on women in agriculture point to the fact that women are generally employed in the operations which are either not mechanized or least mechanized and involve a lot of drudgery. Hence a study was conducted in Chhindwara district to minimize the drudgery of farm women in maize shelling. A tubular maize sheller was introduced and tested on farm women. The results show that the shelling efficiency of tubular maize sheller was 26kg/hr as compared to hand shelling by which they only could shell 13kg/hr. and about 43% saving in cardiac cost of workers per unit of output in comparison to the hand shelling

Keyword: Maize sheller; Drudgery r

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