Ergonomic and Workload Investigation of Tractor Operators Using Rotavator in Pulverization and Puddling Operations

Vishnu Ji Awasthi , Tarun K. Maheshwari , Rajat Mishra and Shikha Sharda


The ergonomic investigation entails assessment of anthropometric dimensions, physiological variations and related workload of 120 respondents having age group between interval 20-50 years for seed bed operation (pulverization and puddling) using rotavator. The study indicated that the average resting heart rate of the tractor operators was 77.56 bpm for secondary tillage operation (pulverization) and 81.46 bpm for puddling operation (for further sowing of paddy crop). The average working heart rate throughout the pulverization and puddling operation were investigated as 95.43 and 103.86(bpm) respectively. The average EER and OCR values for the concerned operations were 6.45 and 7.79(kJ/min) and 0.41 and 0.52(L/min) respectively. The BPDS values of selected subjects were ascertained as 19.5 and 21.4respectively. The study reveals that different farm operations have significant effect on the physiological parameters of the respondents. The findings conclude that the tractor operators were more compatible and comfortable in conducting pulverization by rotavator for given soil conditions. The performance of operators was found superlative for the same operation than by puddling operation. For the safer, smart and effective agricultural operation in rural parts of the nation, the need of ergonomics is onerous and is a key in predicting the daily working capacity of the respondents involved in various farm operations thereby ensuring the proper harmonious and effectual relationship in man-machine interface.

Keyword: Pulse rate; Physiological variation; Rotavator; EER; OCR

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