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Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Mango Growers of Valsad District of Gujarat State

B. M. Mehta and Madhuri Sonawane


Mango is a very important fruit crop of the country. India rank first having the highest share of 44 percent to world production of mango. Present research study conducted on Entrepreneurial behaviour of mango growers of Valsad district of Gujarat state. Mango growers from 10 villages who cultivated mango since five years were selected randomly. Majority of the mango growers were founds in medium to high level category as far as entrepreneurial behaviour is concerned. The indicators decision making was ranked first followed by market orientation (rank second) and economic motivation (rank third). Majority of respondents (73.00 per cent) were observed in the medium entrepreneurial behaviour category, thus, the entrepreneurial behaviour of the respondents was predominantly medium. Education, area under mango cultivation, annual income, social participation, awareness regarding value addition, mango yield index, employment generation, extension participation, mass media exposure, extent of adoption, management orientation, innovativeness, progressiveness and knowledge of mango growers had significant relationship with entrepreneurial behaviour of mango growers. Whereas age, land holding, irrigation facility, family size and cropping intensity had no association with entrepreneurial behaviour of mango growers

Keyword: Entrepreneurial Behaviour

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