Entrepreneurial Behavior of Farmers towards Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the Ujjain District of Madhya Pradesh

Rakesh Rathore


The present study was carried out in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh with the objectives of to know awareness level, identify factors which encourage farmers towards cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants and constraints in cultivation, and entrepreneurship in medicinal and aromatic plants. Multistage sampling was adopted for the study to collect data from the farmers. Total 50 farmers were selected randomly for the present study. Findings of the study revealed that majority of the farmers unaware about latest technology and cultivation of the medicinal and aromatic plants in study area. All the factors were found to be significant more profitable than other crops, good marketing opportunity, training and subsidy provided by government, easy availability of planting material, adequate knowledge except (p-value 0.60) good demand and (p-value 0.12) low cost in cultivation of the medicinal and aromatic plants were found to be non-significant. The farmers’ friends or fellow farmers were the major source of information to farmers about cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in the study area. Lack of availability of ready market for selling of medicinal and aromatic plants followed by lack of finance and credit facility were the major constraints faced by the farmers in the study area.

Keyword: Medicinal and aromatic plants; Farmers; Entrepreneurship; Constraints.

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