Enhancing Yield and Economics of Field Pea through Front Line Demonstration

Anil Kumar Singh, Y.C. Rikhari, Rajeev Chauhan and Puneet Kumar


Front line demonstration on field pea was conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Datia (M.P.) during the period from 2016-17 to 2019-20 in eleven villages of two blocks with 200 numbers of farmers. FLD on Prakash (IPFD 1-10) variety during 2016-17, 2017-18; variety Aman (IPF5-19) in 2018-19 and variety IPFD 4-9 in 2019-20 were taken with full package of practice. Front line demonstration conducted in a 80 ha during the all four years with recommended improved practices. A control plot was also kept where farmers practices was carried out. The critical inputs were identified in existing production technology through meetings and discussions with farmers. In the same sequence the other parameters like technological impact, economical impact and extension gap were analyzed for impact assessment of front line demonstration on field pea crop and feasibility of demonstrated technologies at grass root levels. The results of four years study revealed that the yield under demonstration plots 23.24q /ha as compared to17.53 q/ha in traditional farmer practices plots. This additional yield 5.72 q/ha and the increase in average field pea productivity by 32.69 per cent may contribute to present pulse requirement on national basis. The average of technology gap, extension gap and technology index were found to be 98.00 q /ha, 5.72 q/ha and 4.04 per cent respectively. An additional investments of Rs.1225 per ha coupled with scientific monitoring of demonstrations and non-monetary factors resulted in additional return of Rs.17768 per ha. Fluctuating sale price of field pea during different years influenced the economic returns per unit area. On the four years overall average basis incremental benefit cost ratio was found as 3.48. The results clearly indicate the positive effects of FLDs over the existing practices. Benefit cost ratio was recorded to be higher under demonstrations against control treatments during the years of experimentation.

Keyword: Technology gap; Extension gap; Technology index; Benefit cost ratio

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