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Enhance Nutritive Value through Dietary Diversity in the Rural Area of Uttar Pradesh

Indresh Kumar and Madhulika Gautam


Malnutrition, including undernutrition, micronutrient deficiency, and overnutrition, remains one of the biggest challenges to global development. Many types of approaches were suggested to achieve a balanced diet; like food fortification, biofortification, and dietary diversification. Dietary diversification is a more practical approach to full fill the daily needs of nutrients at the community level. The main objective of the study was to encourage diversification in the diet through Local nutritional solutions to improve the nutritive value of the diet. The 491 individuals were included in the study from 128 randomly selected rural HHs from Kannauj and Banda district of Uttar Pradesh state. A total number of sixteen nutrients were evaluated as dependent variables and one independent (Individual Dietary Diversity Score) variable. To improvement in the dietary diversity score, an intervention schedule was prepared with the help of booklets, posters, videos, charts, and personal counseling. A significant difference between controlled and intervention groups was found for 11 nutrients out of 16 nutrients. All 11 significantly improved nutrients belonged to the micronutrients category. The Individual Dietary Diversity Score of controlled groups was 4.31 and the same score of the intervention group was 5.28, with a significant difference (p-values <0.001). The intake of phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium exceeded the Recommended Dietary Allowances, with NAR 1.82, 2.14, and 2.42, respectively. Five nutrients (calcium, vitamin-A, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin-C) consumed less than 75 per cent of the prescribed amount in the control group, and the same in the intervention group was three (calcium, vitamin-A, potassium).

Keyword: Dietary Diversity, Enhance Nutritive Value in rural area, Enhance Nutritive Value through Dietary Diversity.

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