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Employment Generation through Watershed Project in Tribal Area of Southern Rajasthan

R. S. Rathore, Piyush Jani and R.S. Patodiya


The present study was undertaken with the objective to study restoration in ecological balance in rain fed area, sustainability in bio-mass production and migration status. Study was conducted in the sub-plan region of Southern Rajasthan in four watershed areas of Banswara and Durgapur district with 30 respondents from each area, thus total 120 were selected. During implementation of NWDP programme maximum employment generation opportunities with MPS of42.91 were generated in the area of soil and water conservation whereas regular employment was observed in agriculture sector.. On the other hand regarding employment generation during & after implementation of programme it was found that marginal farmers were provided maximum employment 36.41 per cent after implementation big farmers were received maximum of 47.97 per cent Though the migration of the people do not ceased completely after implementation of watershed project. However, in long duration migration was checked to some extent.

Keyword: Bio-mass production; Migration; Employment generation; NWDP;

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