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Eminence of Tribal Women Entrepreneurs with Special Reference to Lakhimpur District of Assam

Jitendra Kumar Chauhan and Pubali Saikia


Women has ability to rise in the field of entrepreneurship. In this era of globalization, liberalization the women entrepreneurs are rising day by day. In true sense women can emerged their dream of empowerment through entrepreneurship irrespective of caste, age and tribes. Tribal women in general and in comparison, with castes, enjoy more freedom in various walks of life. The status of tribal women is comparatively lower than that of tribal men. In this context, the increasing numbers of women in organization indicates that women must be recognized as active participant in the nation development process. From pastoral society to contemporary information and global society, the role of women has changed drastically. The Mishings are the second largest Scheduled tribe (Plains) group of Assam after the Bodos. They play a role of great importance both economically and socially. Agriculture is a source of income of the Mishing women. They also rear pigs, goats, poultry, etc. which form a great share of family income. Their contribution in family expenditure in outstanding. A total of 120 tribal women were selected as a sample of this study.

Keyword: Eminence; Tribal women; Entrepreneurs.

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