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Effectiveness of Training on Tubular Maize Sheller for Reducing the Drudgery of Farmwomen

Sadhna Pandey, Purushottam Sharma and R. K. Sharma


The study was planned to reduce the drudgery of farmwomen by introducing tubular maize Sheller for maize shelling and was conducted in three villages of Jhansi district of Bundelkhand on 30 farm women, 10 from each village. The results indicated that maize sheller was found much better than their local practices in shelling efficiency (98% vs 91%), labour requirement (4 vs 6 man h /q), field capacity (25 vs 16.67 kg/ h) and damage/ broken grains (1% vs 20%). It has also reduced the health hazards like hand pain, shoulder pain, backache and waist pain in majority of the respondents. Majority of the farmwomen (66.67%) perceived the tubular maize sheller as ‘most feasible’ technology’. Training on use of tubular maize sheller has resulted in significant gain in knowledge and skills of farmwomen

Keyword: Drudgery; Farmwomen; Feasibility; Health Hazards; Tubular maize sheller;

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