Effectiveness of the Training Programme on “Infant Feeding Practices” in Terms of Gain in Knowledge of Rural Women

Kesar Chayal and Asha Dagar


The present study was an attempt to assess the effectiveness of the training programme on “Infant feeding practices” in terms of gain in knowledge of rural women as they have lack of awareness and knowledge about proper infant feeding practices. The study was conducted in purposively selected two villages (Rampur Untii, Narvariya) of purposively selected Sanganer Panchayat samiti of Jaipur district. In all 50 rural women (30 from Rampur Untti and 20 from Narvariya) who had at least one child in the age of 0-2 year, were selected as a sample for present investigation. A two days intensive training programme was organized to train selected respondents on “infant feeding practices”. Pre and post-test experimental research design was used for present study. Data were collected through interview method. Findings revealed that, the training programme was found to be very effective in providing knowledge regarding infant feeding practices. Significant improvement in the knowledge of respondents was found as a result of exposure of training, as the pre-test scores increased 37.35 to 58.60 per cent with gain in knowledge of about 21.25 per cent. Study further indicated that age and ordinal position of infant had negative and significant association with their gain in knowledge and type of family and family income were not significantly associated with their gain in knowledge. Education was significantly associated with their gain in knowledge.

Keyword: Training effectiveness; Infant feeding practices; Knowledge; Rural Women;

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