Effectiveness of INCOIS - Potential Fishing Zone and Ocean State Forecast Services in Andhra Pradesh

Sandeep P., Ananthan P.S, M. Krishnan and P. Mahalakshmi


For the marine sector, Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) providing services are Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) and Ocean State forecast (OSF) advisory services. These are playing a pivotal role in the dissemination of information on identification of fishing grounds and ocean weather information to the fishers in India. Effective dissemination of both these advisory services to the fishers is made possible by the active involvement of facilitating institutions such as NGOs, Universities and Cooperative societies in Andhra Pradesh. It was inferred with the study that these ICT initiatives to sustain in the long run they should be need based, financially well supported. Awareness and usage of PFZ advisories are positively correlated with ICT ownership. Usage of mobile phones is positively correlated with the ICT ownership and type of service provider. Awareness of PFZ is negatively correlated with the type of service provider. ICT ownership and type of service provider are most important factors with respective to usage of INCOIS services. The study infer that an effective ICT intervention should be need based, regular in service, engaging with the local bodies with proper monitoring can give good result. Usage of mobile phones and VHF for communication in the sea will give the effective service delivery for INCOIS services.

Keyword: INCOIS; MSSRF; ICT; Mobile phones; Services

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