Effective Utilization of Tech-Enabled Platforms (TEP) By the Extension Personnel in Agriculture

G. Phanisha, K. Madhu Babu , V. Sudha Rani and G.E.Ch.Vidyasagar


The present research was conducted in randomly selected districts of Telangana i.e Mahabubnagar, Warangal and Nizamabad and 20 Agricultural Officers and 20 Agricultural Extension Officers from each erstwhile district are selected. Thus, a total of 120 Extension Personnel were selected randomly. Ex post facto research design was used and data was collected through an interview schedule. The Technology-enabled platforms used were Applications like Pantala yajamanyam, Rythu Bandhu, Kisan Suvidha, and portals like OLMS (Online License Management System), OSSDS (Online subsidy seed distribution system), Farm inventory, Agrisnet, PM Kisan Yojana, PMKSY, PKVY, Kisan and Soil health card portal, m-Kisan, and Kisan Suvidha were not at all used by the AEOs. TEPs were used mainly for the purpose of supply of inputs and for transfer of technology but they were not utilized for knowledge or skill or information, sending reports, and for organizational communication. The study showed that TEPs were used regularly in the areas of crop production and farm mechanisation while there were no Apps and portals for marketing, value chain management, post-harvest technology, land preparation and pest and disease diagnosis. Finally, the overall extent of utilisation was medium for both AOs and AEOs. Majority 53.33 per cent of Agricultural Officers belong to medium level of overall extent of utilisation followed by low (30%) and high (16.67%) while more than half 48.33 per cent of Agricultural Extension Officers belong to medium level of extent of utilisation followed by low (41.67%) and high (10%).

Keyword: Utilisation; Technology enabled platforms; Extension platforms

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