Effect of Tsunami on the Socio-economic Condition of Rice Farmers

B. Shanmugasundaram and K.A. Ponnusamy


An expost facto study was conducted in India among 120 Tsunami affected rice farmers belonging to 16 villages of Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu and Karaikal region of Union Territory of Puducherry. The study was conducted with the specific objective of studying the effect of tsunami on the Socio-economic condition of rice farmers which contained nine sections viz., change in rice area, change in rice yield, Change in income from Rice, Farm changes, Home changes, Material changes, Social changes, Economic changes and Health ,Education and Spiritual changes. The findings revealed that more than half of the respondents expressed No change in rice area ,reduction in yield and income of rice to the tune of 1400 Kg/ac/season and Rs7500/ac/season respectively, improvement of the existing land, developed better outside contact and relationship with extension worker and also incurred huge loss and debts. Modification of the existing home and purchasing new house hold items and spending more for religious and other ceremonies were the other changes seen

Keyword: Socio economic condition;

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