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Effect of Micro Environmental Changes on Rabbit Production

S.K. Das and N.P. Singh


Ten grower rabbits of each of Gray Giant (GG), Black Brown (BB), New Zealand White (NZW) and Soviet Chinchilla (SC) breed of our institute farm were considered for the study. Animals were maintained individually in indoor cage system of housing. Concentrate mash feed @ 80-100 g / day and green grass ad libitum were supplied regularly twice daily. Live weight of rabbit was taken bimonthly. Average live weight gain fortnightly and average growth was calculated. Micro climatological parameters such as maximum temperature, minimum temperature, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature were recorded daily inside the shed by standard procedure. Afterwards relative humidity (RH) was found out by standard psychometric table. Temperature Humidity Index (THI) was calculated by standard formula. Multiple regression analysis of data revealed that change of both maximum and minimum temperature had highly significant (P < 0.01) effect on live weight of all the four breeds of rabbit. Maximum reduction of fortnightly live weight was observed in GG rabbit (116.45 g) followed by BB (101.43 g), SC (93.98 g) and NZW (85.90 g) rabbit per unit increase of maximum temperature. However, per unit rise of minimum temperature, maximum reduction of live weight was recorded in GG (85.29 g) followed by BB (77.89 g), NZW (68.64 g) and SC (62.92 g) rabbit. It was observed that change of air temperature had significant (P < 0.05) negative effect on average daily gain of all the breeds of rabbit. Average daily gain was reduced by 16.78 g in Gray Giant (GG), 14.84 g in Black Brown (BB), 12.50 g in Soviet Chinchilla (SC) and 6.51 g in New Zealand White (NZW) rabbit per unit increase of air temperature respectively. So, it would be inferred that adverse effect of maximum temperature, minimum temperature and air temperature was most pronounced on Gray Giant and Black Brown rabbit indicating maximum adaptability of New Zealand White and Soviet Chinchilla rabbit

Keyword: Rabbit; Animals; Micro cl

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