Economics of Goat Farming in Agra District of Uttar Pradesh

Satyendra Pal Singh, A. K. Singh and R. Prasad


The economic study of goat farming from different herd size groups (Small, Medium and Large) of barbari and local breed has been conducted. The study was undertaken in randomly selected villages of Saiya, Akola, Bichpuri and Fathepur Sekari Block of Agra District of Uttar-Pradesh during 2010. The goat keepers (household) of selected villages were divided in to two groups maintaining barbari and local breeds. The study revealed that the net income derived from different herd size groups of goats was much higher among barbari breed group than local breed group. The study clearly shows large herd size group of goat keepers achieved higher profits than small and medium herd size groups in both breed of goats. The overall net annual income per goat was worked out to be Rs. 1183.66 in barbari breed and Rs. 894.06 in local breed of goats. The annual income of barbari breed of different herd size groups was higher in comparison to local breed of goats. This shows that the improved breed of barbari goats have positive impact on the income of goat keepers

Keyword: Goat farming; Barbari; Go

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