Economic Empowerment of Rural Agripreneurs from Selected Agri-enterprises in Rajasthan

Neha Goswami and Dhriti Solanki


The present research work was undertaken with the main objective to fi nd out the income generation from selected agrienterprises by the rural youth. As income is the most crucial parameter in enterprise by which any venture can be termed as success or failure. If individual is not obtaining the desired returns from the inputs, then the eff orts are futile and individual shift into other activity. Youth are the most dynamic and versatile segment of the population. They easily shift into new enterprise if they are unable to get lucrative perks from the earlier one. So, there is a need to collaborate agriculture and entrepreneurship together by which rural youth get the chance to earn the money and be self reliant. Therefore, an eff ort was made to study the income generation and profit earned by the respondents from different agrienterprises. Samples were selected randomly from the districts of Rajasthan state. The study was conducted in randomly selected districts of Rajasthan state. From the different agrienterprises prevailing in the districts, six agrienterprises were selected which consists maximum number of rural youths namely dairy, poultry, vegetable cultivation, rose processing, rose cultivation and goatry enterprise. The research findings revealed that the respondents earned annual net profit of Rs. 4,15,840.70/- from dairy, Rs. 3,56,665.00/- from poultry, Rs. 2,83,370.70/- from rose processing, 1,89,327.60/- from vegetable cultivation, Rs. 1,13,213.50/- from goatry and Rs. 66,506.25/- from rose cultivation.

Keyword: Economic; Empowerment; Income; Agri-preneurs; Agri-enterprises; Enterprises;

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