Economic Assessment and Labour Utilization of Organic Kidney Beans and Black Gram

Arshdeep Singh and Rajesh Kumar Thakur


The present study examined the economics, production, and labour utilization of organic kidney beans and black gram crops. The study is based on 60 organic producers of kidney beans and black gram from the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Three-stage random sampling was done to collect the data from the respondents. High utilization of human labour was noticed in the case of black gram (64 human days/ha) followed by kidney beans (61 human days/ha) on the overall farm category. The total cost of cultivation of organic kidney beans and black gram per hectare was worked out to be Rs. 39,494 and Rs. 34,676 per farm, respectively. The net income per hectare was Rs. 47,704 and Rs. 23,308 respectively. Organic farming is generally profitable in both pulse crops due to premium prices. The regression analysis has revealed that the coefficient of multiple determinations (R2) was 0.53 for organic Kidney beans and 0.55 for black gram were explained by the independent variables. Market surplus of organic kidney beans was 37.57 per cent and 45.11 per cent in black gram, while family consumption of kidney beans and black was 50.89 and 41.64 per cent on overall farms, respectively.

Keyword: Labour utilization; cost and return structure; regression analysis.

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