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Economic Analysis of Paddy-Fish Farming System in Bishnupur District of Manipur

Th. Kanyalaxmi Devi and S. Basanta Singh


The study was carried out in Bishnupur district of Manipur with an objective to calculate the economics of the Paddy-Fish farming system. The research is based on the data collected by using proportionate sampling from a total of 110 farmers comprising of 76 Rotational, 24 Concurrent, 5each of Paddy and Fish monoculture system farmers. In the study area, four different types of Paddy-Fish farming system were identified. There were basically the two main Paddy-Fish production systems, Concurrent culture – growing the ûsh together with the paddy in the same area and rotational culture – where the paddy and ûsh are grown at different times. And other two were Paddy and Fish monoculture system. Per hectare cost was highest in Concurrent Paddy-Fish farming system among the four different systems. While the per hectare net income estimated was found to be highest in Rotational Paddy- Fish farming system indicating that in the study area Rotational system of Paddy-Fish was more economical as compared to Concurrent system and also that of Fish and Paddy monoculture.

Keyword: Concurrent system; Cost and Return; Rotational system;

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