Ecological and Socio-economic Impacts of Climate Change on Fisheries

Md. Hashmi Sakib1, Md. Tarik Aziz2, Ahmed Harun-Al-Rashid, Md. Rajib Ahsan and Md. Safiul Islam Afrad


Nowadays, climate change has become a severe issue for aquatic dweller. As the climate is changing gradually, it’s affecting all types of terrestrial and aquatic creatures. Ocean lives are not out of the danger of the climate change. Many researches warned about this a few years back, and it’s demonstrating now. The total population of the fishes is decreasing day by day because of changing climate. Climate changing is affecting the habitat, environment, foods of various fish species. As a result, those species are being disappeared slowly due to sudden change in environment. This reduction of the fish population has many impacts. As the fish population is decreasing, it directly or indirectly affecting those people who are dependent on the fisheries industry. As discussed, some adaptation and mitigation measures can change present condition of global fisheries. If we fail to take some initiatives now, it will significantly harm the social status of the fisherman. To sum up, climate changing will mainly affect the economic sector. So, we may adopt possible ways to reduce the climate change effects on the fish industry.

Keyword: Ecological impact; Socio-economic; Fisheries; Climate change; Adaptation

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