e-Readiness of Development Functionaries for Agricultural Development

Basavaprabhu Jirli, Ashok Rai, Deoraj, Pushpendra Saroj, Manveer Singh, Ashok Kumar, Arun Kumar and Pushpendra Kumar


Experiential acquisition of knowledge is the most proper form of information attainment. Information seeking is thus a natural and necessary mechanism of human existence. The present era is the era of information and knowledge revolution. Many electronic resources are available. The increase in information availability on the web has affected information seeking behavior. To provide empirical evidence to the concept, an attempt was made to understand the process of ‘m-learning€™ of farmers in Shivarajpur block of Kanpur district. The respondents (75) were analyzed using before after method of experimental design. The study revealed that there was significant difference in gain in knowledge in seeds and sowing, plant protection measures and harvesting and marketing aspects. Extension professionals were ready to provide services and at the same time farmers were ready to accept services which are of their need. All these aspects where the difference was significant in the areas which are directly related to market. The study indicates that farmers are becoming e-ready, the beginning is through mobile services. In due course of time they will be prepare themselves for e-mediated extension services. Hence the study conceptualized e-readiness as “e-readiness is the degree to which an individual is able to afford information and communication technology tools and techniques, possess Skill of application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and techniques for his/her development and he/she can access the communication tools and has the necessary infrastructure and policy support to exploit the potentials of ICTâ€. The primary level of readiness includes the individual e-readiness, then the Institutional, the state or the nation will automatically become in the “readyâ€. Hence an attempt has been made to define the concept of “e-readinessâ€ at three levels (Individual, Institutional and National)

Keyword: e-Readiness; m-Learning;

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